What are the addresses of the MOC tokens to add them in a wallet like Metamask, as custom tokens?


DOC: 0xe700691da7b9851f2f35f8b8182c69c53ccad9db
BPRO: 0x440cd83c160de5c96ddb20246815ea44c7abbca8
RDOC: 0x2d919f19d4892381d58edebeca66d5642cef1a1f
RIFPRO: 0xf4d27c56595ed59b66cc7f03cff5193e4bd74a61
MoC: 0x9aC7Fe28967b30e3a4E6E03286D715B42B453d10


DoC: 0xCb46C0DdC60d18eFEB0e586c17AF6Ea36452DaE0
BPRO: 0x4dA7997A819bb46B6758b9102234c289Dd2ad3bf
RDOC: 0xC3De9f38581F83e281F260D0ddBAac0E102Ff9F8
RIFPRO: 0x23A1Aa7B11E68beBE560a36bEC04D1F79357f28d

All Smart Contract Addresses:

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thanks Manu

When adding MOC tokens to my Liquality wallet, I select Add Custom Token, then it asks what are the decimals.
Please advise what I put here thanks

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Always for any RSK Token: 18 decimals.