Why are Nifty or Metamask wallets favored with MoC?

Sorry if creating double threads is not ok, I just thought the subject was a little too different from the other one I just posted, maybe someone here can help shed some light onto it?

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I don’t think what you did was a double thread, you had two dif questions, I’m sure it’ll be fine = )

Nifty and Metamask (as well as Liquality) are web 3 extension / wallets, it’s basically the future standard of the web IMO, but I’m sure there might be other reasons behind it, web3 wallets allow for the money on chain protocol to connect and operate directly on top of your wallet, so you can mint DOC, BPRO or BTCX directly from your RBTC, I think only BTCX is hosted on the protocol, but BPRO and DOC you can hold and even import to other wallets, even exchange at places like TEX / Sovryn / RSKSwap

Hope it helped ya