What have you done with your DOCs?!

Hey there!

I’m just curious what the community has been using the DOCs for. I personally bought a Macbook Air in the TG group that has been working like a charm and saw people even selling houses!

So what have you been doing so far with it, and what would you like to or think that in the future will be able to do with them? Do you use them just as store of value, do you pay stuff with it?


Yes! I noticed people selling their houses in exchange of DoCs! That’s cool huh? :slight_smile: by the moment I’m just hodling my docs as savings but I’m pretty sure I’ll use them in the future to buy some stuff!!


As of right now, just saving.

I’ll probably sell a hair clipper I bought when barber shops were closed due to the lockdown, and of course I’ll offer it in DOCs as well. Hopefully it will be a successful sale :grin:


I am curious, what is a TG group?
if TG stands for Telegram,
in which group did you see the houses on sale?