[N00b Question] How to see my income?

Hi guys!

I’m pretty new in the MoC community so forgive for my bad understanding.

So I’ve invested in BPRO tokens yesterday when Bitcoin price was for about $55k. And I was trying to understand where I could catch the profit when the price was for about $58k this afternoon. (Now the price dispayed is around $56 as I’m writting this post). I also was wondering to know how the BPRO token price is calculated. Also I didn’t get if the “Settlement” event is only for DoC or also for BPRO holder? I read briefly the WP saying that it takes 90 days to get the interest from what the BTCX user have to pay.

That would be really much appreciated.

To me the UI isn’t as clear as this video “How the Model Works - Example” by example.

Thanks and have a good one.

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Hi Drake! Welcome to the community :grin:

Well, that’s gonna depend on how much you invested in BPro when Bitcoin was around $55K. You can do this:

  1. See how much Bitcoin (or RBTC) you invested to generate BPro
  2. Estimate how much RBTC you would currently get if you were to convert your BPros back into RBTC.
  3. Compare both values and you’ll get the profit.

Regarding how the price is calculated, you can find more info about it in this post

Finally, the Settlement event is only for BTCx. Neither your DOCs nor your BPro are affected by this. The settlement takes place each 86.400 blocks (or about 28 days).

Let us know if you still have more questions :+1: