Welcome to the community forum

Welcome to the community forum. Please, be kind and feel free to read, write and ask anything you need. Don’t forget to be kind to other members.

Money On Chain wants to facilitate access to a new financial system: accessible to all, transparent, open and resistant to censorship.

Bitcoin has already created the foundation: a mathematically scarce asset, the most robust, distributed, and immutable ledger; and the most secure payment network in the world.

On that foundation we developed Money On Chain: A decentralized finance protocol built by bitcoiners for the entire community.

We decided a while ago to create this Conversation Forum. Here we can have more structured conversations, and we believe that new users will find it easier to find information, guides and interact with other users of the Protocol.

Feel free to add whoever you consider (you can share the link). We will build the content together, it is a forum of the Bitcoiner community that uses Money On Chain.


Hello Everyone.
Saludos desde Irlanda.
I listened to the Bitcoin magazine podcast with Diego Zaldivar and was very interested to learn about the RSK network.
2 days later and I have followed the instructions using the Liquality and Nifty wallets and have managed to get some Bpro.
Very good to be supporting Bitcoin and this project also.


Thank you Stevosan for joining the community!!! This protocol was made for all the bitcoiners in the world. :badger:

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Welcome @stevosan!!
Every time we are more!

i love Ireland landscapes