How to exchange DoC for MoC using a buy limit order in the TEX?

I assume that you already have DoC and some rBTC to pay the gas fee in the wallet to be able to make the exchange.

  1. TEX

In the TEX select the pair MoC/DoC.

  1. Last Price

Here you can see that on last tick the price traded was 0.34 DoC per MoC

  1. Order Book.

a. The Sell orders are in red, and they start with a price of 0.34 DoC per MoC, up to an order of 2 DoC per MoC.

b. The Buy orders are in green, and they start with a price of 0.2990.

c. The Spread = 0.34-0.299 = 0.041

  1. Set Allowance

To be able to use your DoC in the TEX, you need to allow the smart contracts of the TEX to interact with your tokens. You need to set allowance. In this case I have 40 DoC. You can set the allowance to a lower or higher amount. I will set the allowance to 400 in case I want later to get more DoC, and then exchange them for MoC tokens.


Great, now I have 400 DoC allowed to trade.

  1. Put a buy MoC limit order with DoC

In this example I set the amount of MoC tokens that I want to buy at 100 MoC.


Price per MoC of 0.341 MoC per DoC.


As you see, I am offering a little bit more than the lowest sell offer (and last trade price), so it is quite probable that my Buy offer will be closed. I am sure I will buy the MoC tokens at 0.341 per DoC, or less. Actually if I offer for 0.34, it will also close, but I also want to show you how the emergent price discovery works in the TEX.

  1. Place the Order, and then Submit the order in nifty


  1. Wait for the orden to open

  1. Wait for the open to be close (or cancel it).

See there is now a new emergent price (my buy order was for 0.341 and the lowest sell price was for 0.340, so the emergent price is the average=03405).


You can see in the Orders Tab your Open Order (this is recorded in the RSK Blockchain)

See that you have an (X) to cancel your order.


Now the TEX informs you that your Order been Filled

You can review the information about the transaction completed in the Orders tab.

Now I have 95.501173 MoC in my wallet