Problems connecting Nifty to Ledger or Trezor: Troubleshooting

Sometimes there are difficulties in operating the protocol by accessing it from Ledger or Trezor connected to Nifty Wallet. Especially the first few times.

Here is an example of how Nifty looks after executing a transaction when there is no connection

We have not yet detected the origin of this problem, yet. But here some possible easy alternatives to solve it.


  1. Follow the next steps:

a. Delete cookies from your computer (here a video on how to: Delete Cookies From One Website Only in Chrome - YouTube)
b. connect to a non-ledger / non-Trezor account in nifty
c. Reboot the machine
d. open the MOC application ( and sign with an address offered by Nifty wallet that is not connected to Ledger / Trezor
e. Now change to an account connected to ledger in Nifty
f. Open the MOC application and sign with the address in Nifty that is connected the Ledger / Trezor

  1. Disable the Chrome Nifty Wallet extension, and then re-enable it.

Go to Chrome Extensions (in the “Puzzle” Icon):

Disable Nifty Extension

Enable Nifty Extension.

Connect again with Nifty Wallet:

  1. Reset account in Nifty Wallet: In Nifty: Settings> Reset account
    Select the “3 lines”

Then Settings:

Then Reset Account

  1. If the above does not work, delete the Nifty account and link the Trezor / Ledger with Nifty again.

  2. Something that has worked for some users is to add a custom RPC (put in it). Here is a guide on how to add an RPC in Metamask, in Nifty it is practically the same: MetaMask - RSK Developers Portal 1

In most cases that fixes connection problems.

If that’s not the case, contact the Money On Chain user community on Telegram Telegram: Contact @MoneyOnChainCommunity. A Bitcoiner will help you solve the problem :muscle:t2:.