What leverage do Bpro token holders get?

The leverage can not be determined beforehand, because it depends on several factors like DOC, BTCX, BPRO demand and the price of Bitcoin.

In the following chart you can observe the historical leverage of BPRO (usually between 1 and 1.25):

You can read more about BPRO here or check stats in moneyonchain site clicking in user access.

Thanks for the explanation.
For example, on the MOC website it says the leverage of BPro is 1.0146
can you explain exactly what that means and how the value of BPro v. Bitcoin (or RBTc) is then re-calculated. is it on a daily basis?

Hi stevosan!

That means the BPro is going to be a little bit more volatile in its price compared to Bitcoin (or RBTC), depending on the current value of that leverage (i.e. considering that current value, if the BTC goes up 10%, then the BPro will go up by approx. 10.146%. The same applies for when going down).

Regarding your other cuestion, it is constantly calculated in real time, and there are various factors influencing the final value of the BPro:

  • The ratio of minted DOCs and BPro in the system (for the leverage)
  • The interest received for selling the volatility it absorbs from DOC tokens to BTCX traders (passive income)
  • The fees paid by users of the platform.

Here’s a quick video on the matter I’m sure you’ll like:

Thanks Jesus for the explanation, and the video is very clear.

Where is the best place to track the performance of BPro v. Bitcoin ?