Is the RSK network decentralized?

It is usually a question that pops up whenever someone first dig into RSK and Money on Chain
This post based on Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar interviews answers it

What do you think?

I think the biggest concern people had with RSK’s “centralization” was that it was federated and the federation members were unknown, right now, the federation’s strength is at an all time low, which means they might be getting closer to a fully 100% decentralized power, but in the past it wasn’t exactly centralized because they had already distributed the HSMs to different companies anyway.

Right now? POWPEG makes it even simpler to transform BTC into RBTC and vice versa, HSM has little oversight power over the network aside from some stability that it provides, and merge mining steadily above 50% I’d dare to say that yeah, RSK is pretty decentralized!

Diego really does dig much deeper on these subjects than I just did, I just like RSK’s tech ideas and am not as well versed as some of the great minds out there

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