How to use Liquality to swap BTC for rBTC?

We share a guide to make swaps from BTC to rBTC in Liquality Wallet + connection to a dApp on RSK.

  1. Install Liquality Wallet Chrome extension, create a password and safely store your seedphrase (not in video)

  2. Send BTC or ETH to the Wallet from an outside source by getting your receive address on the Wallet

  3. Swap BTC or ETH ->rBTC using cross-chain atomic swaps. If it’s your first swap, you won’t need rBTC. For following swaps, you’ll need rBTC to pay for RSK gas. Also, make sure you have enough to cover minimum swaps (0.005 BTC currently due to high fees) + mining fees

  4. Make Liquality your default browser wallet and choose the RSK network. This will enable connection with RSK or Eth dapps, and will disable the connection feature for MetaMask or other browser wallets you have in parallel (you can switch back by toggling off this setting)

  5. Go to any RSK dapp and connect your Wallet!
Wallet download link: Liquality Wallet - Chrome Web Store
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @liquality

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