Technical proposal for removal of leveraged positions

Technical proposal for removal of leveraged positions

The technical solution to carry out what is proposed in Removal of leveraged tokens would be this:

:warning: Warning: some technical/coding knowledge is necessary to fully understand this document.

The simplest and least invasive way to modify the protocol to removal of leveraged positions is to disable the function in charge of minting BTCx.

We propose to do this by overriding the function with one that meant to always fail using a hard-coded revert statement.

And we’ll do it this way instead of just removing the function to prevent third-party integrations that may not have been aware of this change ending up using the fallback function with unexpected results.

The change is simple and only affects the Moc.sol contract

:heavy_check_mark: This is the pull request to add these changes to the repository.

:heavy_check_mark: The new implementation of the Moc.sol contract that is already deployed in mainet would be this 0x2Ef12b6488600D46bB271a6eA5Ba08dD980E60c5

:heavy_check_mark: The change contract to make the implementation change that is also already deployed in mainet would be this 0x5b1d03983d6B59641274cB759D5Fbd4C3bBd28eA

This is the change contract that will be submitted to a vote.

:heavy_check_mark: The current implementation of the Moc.sol contract in mainet is 0x9965c3B0FDCb9145adfD4C0535716B109F450F9f

:heavy_check_mark: The Moc.sol proxy contract in mainet is 0xf773B590aF754D597770937Fa8ea7AbDf2668370

:heavy_check_mark: The upgrade delegator in mainet is 0x5cE577f6Ec969CE9a282838D350206C52A6F338C


:mega: Call to MOC holders: This proposal is being voted on. How to vote Tutorial.

:mega: Llamado a los MOC holders: Esta propuesta se está votando. Tutorial de cómo votar.


:mega: The voting process is over:

  • 28.5% of the MOC tokens total supply participated in the vote.
  • 100% of the participants voted in favor.
  • No one voted against the proposal.
  • The change was successfully implemented.