FREE Redemption Rate: Shouldn't it be FEE instead of FREE?

Redeeming DOC before the settlement is charged with a fee, you can queue your redeem for next settlement to avoid that.

It is “free” because what is redeemed are the “FREE DOCs”. You can check this rate when you exchange DOC, it is below DOC Fee.

This is quite technical into the model: the DOCs that are not free are in “bucket2”, and are the counterparty of current BTC2X Operations.

Maybe DOC REDEMPTION RATE will generate less confusion. We will consider this change in the next front-end version.

OK but, what is bucket2?

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Good question. The bucket is a concept included on Moneyonchain protocol whitepaper.
The “bucket” is a mental concept used to understand the operation of the model. A bucket is basically a container where the quantities of the different tokens are stored, and within it the tokens keep relationships that define the behavior of the model in that environment.

Additionally there are global parameters, but each bucket also has its own. There is a set of rules for the transfer of tokens between buckets. In this instance of the model two buckets are defined, “Bucket 0” and “Bucket 2”, but in new versions more will be added to explain new features.

Bucket 0 is where the relationship between BitPro and DOC is defined. Bucket 0 holds three tokens, RBTC, BitPro and DOC.

Bucket 2 is where BTC2X “lives” Bucket 2 holds three tokens, RBTC, BTC2X and DOC.

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